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  • Tommy Henderson outside Dalbeattie Museum
    Tommy Henderson outside Dalbeattie Museum
  • Volunteers at Dalbeattie Museum
    Volunteers at Dalbeattie Museum
  • Dalbeattie Visitor Information Point
    Dalbeattie Visitor Information Point
  • Dalbeattie Preloved Shop
    Dalbeattie Preloved Shop
  • Inside Dalbeattie Preloved Shop
    Inside Dalbeattie Preloved Shop
  • Golden Hedgehog Trail Dalbeattie
    Golden Hedgehog Trail Dalbeattie

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Dalbeattie Museum is open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 4pm until the end of October. Admission is free. For information about the museum, click the link below.

Welcome to Dalbeattie Matters, the website for the Dalbeattie community

Welcome to Dalbeattie Matters, a community website and resource for everyone fortunate enough to live in Dalbeattie and the surrounding area or those who have visited and fallen in love with this amazing community and who just want to keep in touch with everything that’s happening here.

We are a one-stop resource with information about local groups and organisations, services, events, local news and even the weather in Dalbeattie!

If you have an item of news or if you are part of a local group or organisation and would like to be featured on the Dalbeattie Matters website, send an email to info@dalbeattiematters.net.

Dalbeattie Primary School Development Opportunity - Have your say!

Dalbeattie Primary School will be closing at the end of October 2017 and the future use of the site is under discussion. We want to know if the community would like to acquire and develop the site which consists of the main school building, the infants’ building, adjoining field and caravan park.

This is a great opportunity for the Dalbeattie community. What would you like to see happen to the site? Let us know by taking part in our short online survey!

Email us at info@dalbeattiematters.net to list your event on this website.

Dalbeattie = Scots: Dawbeattie, from Gaelic Dail Bheithe meaning "valley of birch." 

June 1st 2017: Wheelchair tennis star Keith Thom who is ranked 8th in the UK attended Dalbeattie Tennis Club recently to help local cubs earn their disability awareness badge. Mr Thom gave the youngsters a coaching session and some of the children even had a go at trying to play tennis in his chair. Children's tennis coaching takes place at the Tennis Club every Friday evening between 4pm and 5pm

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