Top Tips on How to Beat the Burglar

1.   Target hardening

Make your house more difficult to attack. This can mean fitting or upgrading window and door locks, installing an alarm system, putting in stronger doors or more secure windows or improving the fencing around a home. Keeping a home well maintained is vital in making it more secure.

2.  Target removal

Quite simply this means making sure that property a thief might be interested in isn’t visible from outside the home. This could mean moving televisions, hi-fi systems or computers away from windows visible from the street.

3.  Remove the means to commit crime

Make sure that material capable of being used to help an offender commit a crime is not accessible. In terms of domestic security this will mainly mean removing or locking up garden tools, ladders, dustbins or anything else which might help an offender climb, or break, into a home.

4.  Reduce the payoff

Reduce the gain for the criminal if a crime is committed. Obviously the first thing to consider is property marking items with the house number and postcode in order to make them easy to identify and therefore less valuable to an offender. If marked items are stolen it will also increase the chance of them being returned.

5.  Access control

Restrict access to buildings or parts of buildings. This is more applicable to commercial properties but it could also apply, for example, to a block of flats, student accommodation or a house of multiple occupation (eg bedsits). The installation of entry phones or other entry systems would be the simplest way to control access.

6.   Visibility

Make sure that offenders would be visible if they carried out a crime. Make your home more visible to other residents in the community. This method is normally informal in the way it is carried out and might include pruning or removing shrubbery, trees, large bushes etc. It could be installing or improving the lighting outside the home.

7.  Environmental design

Change the environment of a building to reduce opportunities for committing crime. Keeping planting to a minimum or use low shrubs as this increases natural surveillance.