Guess what the Bible Shop will become and you could win £50!

The former Bible Shop is going to re-open as something else, but no-one knows what. The new owner won’t say. Liz Wilbur came up with the idea of running a competition to guess what, and the new owner agreed to offer a prize of £50. Entry costs 50p per guess with proceeds going to the Christmas Lights fund.

There are posters around town and info. on the Dalbeattie website and Facebook pages.

Competition starts Monday 5 December and closes at 12pm on Wednesday 21 December. The winner will be selected and contacted shortly after that and the winner’s name will be posted in the VIP and Initiative windows, on the web site and Facebook

To enter, people write their guess, name and phone number (landline or mobile) on an entry form.

Take the 50p and put in the plastic box provided.

Fold the entry form and post into the cardboard box.